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The differential value of an agency is defined by its results.

Since 30 years ago in -RdM- Recursos de Mercado, we strive to do only and exclusively our best work and provide excellent services: Communication Strategies and Public Relations (PR).

When it comes to business communication and image, there are numerous ways that, primarly, lead to the desired place and, fortunately, each professional understands communication in a different way. Thus, when an agency is selected, it is not a name or a certain stage set that is being chosen, but rather a work philosophy and the way in which the company wishes to interact with its environment through the media.

When you decide to select a public and media relations agency, research an examine the results they have delivered to other clients, so that you can compare what each agency has to offer. For our part, we have over 1000 “media coverage and action reports” and all of them are at your disposal.

“We are one of the agencies that achieves the best results for our clients”

“So we can give contractual guarantees that no one else can offer”

Who We Are...

We are specialists in communication and we have a very established staff of professionals, whom have allowed us to accumulate over the years, a high level of knowledge and experience in most of the sectors of activity.

We do not offer anything we are not absolutely sure about, nor do we get involved in any project that we are not clear about, both in terms of its approach and its viability.

Contractual quality guarantees

Public relations and communication specialists

More than 30 years of experience

Excellence, attentiveness, dedication and consistency

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Because public relations is sustained by the seriousness, interest and creativity of informative proposals; by naturality, generosity and ethics in relationships; and by dedication, perseverance and a vocation for a job well done every day.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to work and take every opportunity to be able to offer the best of ourselves to our clients.

Our strategic focus is to bring quality to our clients, journalists and third parties of interest with whom we interact and our main tool is empathy and integrity:

To detect interests, affinities, opportunities, tendencies…

To propose courses of action for the benefit of all.

To facilitate the work of the people we interact with.

Our vision is focused on knowledge and technologies that allow us to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by outside factors.

Our guiding values emanate from the conviction that public relations is based on the right of others to be informed.

Who We Are Not

Mission, Vision and Values that define our identity and differentiate us, both for what we are and what we do; and for what we are not and what we do not do.

“Sometimes people are better known for what they are not, than for what they say they are”.


Based on perseverance, hard work and dedication, we are one of the agencies that obtains the best results for our clients (a fact that can be easily demonstrated), which is why we can offer contractual guarantees that no one else can.

The accumulated experience of all these years makes us very confident of the overall results we are going to obtain, which allows us to offer, during the first year, a quarterly renewal collaboration agreement, instead of the annual or biannual one that is the usual practice in the sector.

What is the Cost?

Since February 1993, we have worked for more than 200 clients, from large multinationals to individual professionals, and we have never turned down an informative, interesting project for financial reasons. We are therefore in a position to assure you that we will reach an agreement.

We charge a fixed monthly fee which, depending on the estimated resources to be assigned, covers all the communication activities necessary to achieve the objectives set. See more

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