Recursos de Mercado assigns two account managers, who are integrated into the client’s communication structure and coordinate the agency team behind them.

“Our work dynamic is flexible and adapts to the particular or specific needs of each client”.

After analysing the information (objectives pursued: environment, planned actions, and events, available resources, contents, specialists, spokespersons…) the team proposes a communication strategy and an open quarterly action plan, which is systematically adapted to the news interest and to the events or newsworthy facts that occur, both in the client’s organisation and in its environment.

Once agreed upon and approved, the work plan is put into practice, which requires availability and involvement between the agency team and the client:

  • Content drafting, approval, and submission to selected media outlets

    We analyse the information and prepare the contents which, once approved by the client, are sent to the media. If deemed appropriate, we interview spokespersons and contribute to the drafting of opinion articles, interviews by questionnaire, and statements… All focused on the practice of journalism:

    • Journalistic style and mentality.
    • Avoid advertising approaches.
    • Explain complex issues in a way that makes them easily understandable.
    • Use language that can be easily understood by the audience.
    • Clarify technicalities.
    • Providing newsworthy values.
    • Provide sufficient information without getting lost in preliminaries and background information.
    • Include data, without exaggerating its importance.
    • Where possible, reinforce the message by including statements from third parties.
    • etc.

    At the same time, we write and layout the documents we deem necessary to carry out our work and we support the development of content for internal communication, magazines, newsletters, speeches, internal communications, letters,…

  • Follow-up of press releases and response to requests from individual journalists

    Monitoring press releases allows us to talk to journalists, which usually results in requests for information related to the release itself, to current affairs, or to some other topic the writer is working on.

  • Support for the work of spokespeople

    We accompany spokespeople of our clients and advise them on how to act in each case. We inform them about the journalist they will be dealing with and ask or prepare a set of questions they can ask.

  • Follow-up of what has been published

    Internal monitoring allows us to follow the work of the editors very closely, which provides us with a great deal of information to be able to offer them specific and personalised information.

    We inform our clients daily basis about the media they have published. In this way, safeguarding the legitimate interests of the media, they can inform their stakeholders directly or by linking the news from their websites and social networks.

    We periodically prepare an executive report on the actions carried out and the media coverage published.

  • Social Media Management

    Respecting the “information life cycle” (intellectual property regulations and good media relations), the content generated for offline and online media can be adapted and used in the web information strategy.

  • Tactical Feedback

    All the information gathered on the “media agenda” allows us to detect the most topical issues of interest to journalists, which enables us to adapt the quarterly action plan to current news, shifting the planned timeless issues over time.

The image conveyed will be the result of multiple messages (image, financial, position on social issues, defence against rumours and misinterpretations, product/service, consumer advice, investment, quality, etc.) which, when linked together, will form a whole capable of influencing the behaviour of potential customers and the perception of the company by society in general.

We will use all the tools at our disposal to do so:

Press Releases

Proposals on Current Issues


Opinion Articles


Product Presentations

Product Testing

Show Room

Working Breakfasts

Press Conferences


Press Travel

Press Trip

Gonzo Journalism

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